That loving feeling.

Completely different start today guys !.

Now ok so that’s almost my era of unbeatable music but no, the link today is purely one that popped into my mind when i got alongside in Fowey during the week after a tough trip down the coast : i am going to tell that story in a separate post.  For now the story is that i had just got my boat alongside in Fowey with some difficulty after a tough and tiring passage down the coast just ahead of some truly dirty weather when i took a look at the first of several boats that really have lost that loving feeling.  The first one was roughly tied up on the pontoon : very low in the water , a hole in the topsides and a cockpit brimming over with rainwater.  I think she is , or was, a Newbridge and junk rigged.



That little boat is almost dead except for the grass growing out of the decks, i took a look throgh her windows and yes there was water up to the level of her bunks. After a night’s sleep and a good breakfast i set-to with a bucket and emptied her cockpit and took about 50 buckets of green fetid water out of her hull….maybe that will keep her afloat for a few more weeks.  Rescuable ? maybe with a lot of work , she could make someone a nice little starter boat but it will have to happen soon i feel.

I know that stuff happens, that people run out of energy and enthusiasm and sometimes life : plenty of these happen simply because an owner runs over the bar and there is noone to take her on.  Maybe she is already under seizure by the harbourmaster, maybe not.  The little Newbridge was only the first of 3 dying boats that i found up the river in Fowey : this catamaran didn’t look too happy either but at least she is sitting on the beach at low water.



I love to see these old boats rescued and brought back to life by someone with a bit of cash but more enthusiasm and sheer hard work : just looking over the little Newbridge i was even thinking that i could have her dry in a few hours, mucked out and down completely in a days work, patched in a couple more and taken ashore….cheap project for somebody !

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