Another project here is that of improving the boat ergonomics, the cockpit for example where i will be spending a lot of time.  I would like to add a sprayhood but thats a lot of money that i don’t have : it being at least £600 + VAT just to make the frame and then about the same for the canvas.  However small things like getting the sheet-falls in the right place, ditto the reefing pennants will all help to make the boat easier to sail.

All of the sail controls are under improvement right now , for the first time the boat has a mizzen vang : i have mounted that so that the boom connection can slide out of the way up to the gooseneck when not in use but i may use the block currently mounted there but moved aft with a bungee lashing to hold the vang out of the way.


One thing that i really want to do is to tidy up the cabin bulkhead so that i can rest my back against it while sitting with my legs up on the cockpit seat…nice way to relax with a book and a brew at anchor.  The current set-up of course has the compass and instruments exactly where my back wants to go (shades of the FFS 23 here) so that is out and is going into a demountable half-board to sit in the companionway.  I will also mount a bowl compass where i can actually see it currently where the halyard bag is, thinking about some cockpit bags to tidy things up a bit and even maybe a longer tiller to allow me to sit forward of where i have to at the moment….in which position i have to sit uncomfortably with my back against the pushpit post ! (FFS).

Anchoring should soon all be done from aft : the jobs here include making an anchor and chain stowage grating for the back of the cockpit and ideally some form of de-mountable roller arrangement to hang over the cockpit coaming for when deploying and hauling in the chain : right now i am just thinking of having a padded cordura mat to hang over there to protect the GRP.  The anchoring retrieval btw looks as though it just needs a sliding ring : essentially a long ‘lizard’ over the anchor warp that will allow me to pull the rode aft to retrieve the chain directly into the pit.

Down below we now have a companionway step as part of the galley shelf and the old VHF is no longer exactly where my feet need to go when i am in my bunk…it would be nice to do something about the un-necasarily large heads compartment but without David T. for advice i don’t know what i can remove and what is essential structure.



  1. You can make your own spray hood the end fittings are available as either plug in or fit over the tube and held with grub screws. I have bent the large radius in the tube over ply or chipboard former’s fixed to a solid object, you probably only want a 1 inch main hoop and a 3/4 for’d one that would be solid for the boat probably overkill in reality, the one on the yellow boat was I think 1-1/4 x 1/16 wall stainless for the main hoop. alloy tube is a possibility. Another option you could get the hoops bent over length and then sort the ends out and fit it yourself. As for the cover look round e bay or whatever for an industrial sewing machine, pattern it in corrugated cardboard use something cheap for MK1 and sew away. you can of course than make lots of things like rope bags etc etc. Boats looking good.


    1. I didn’t even realise that would be possible…bending the tube that is. I do definitely want a sewing machine this year although i am about to spank the budget again on cameras and hard-drives for the filming.


  2. Bending the tube should go well over big radius if you try to tight it will buckle the one on the yellow boat was bent at the yard on a steel table concreted in the ground and 2 of us on the tube as it was 1-1/4 but it went ok. As for sewing machines have a look at the sailrite ones they are walking foot which is essential for canvas sewing they do zig zag as well we run a sailrite profesional long arm 4 step for a lot of our jobs but single zig zag ultrafeed are the small ones main thing is the walking foot zig zag combo the machine will do straight stitch as well. most industrial machines tend to be very fast all ours have been geared down ! I have the guide book copied will get it off to you.


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