Dirty Wet (and dry) Dog. Boats and sailing, muddy boots and mountains, rivers, woodlands and oceans, a rucksack or maybe a canoe…..it’s all relevant.

Welcome to my website.

This is my very first attempt at running my own website so please excuse my writing which i know will be a little rustic in its simplicity and i guess at times a little ‘salty’.

First let me tell you how my name came about : the theme of this site is going to be mainly about small sailing boats and the mainly old blokes that sail them.   However most of the other old blokes like me also have a wider set of interests just as i have so i am allowing a myself a much wider subject menu here.     The blog name comes from a day when i was working on my own boat one day .   I had spent all day underneath the boat wet-sanding the underside in the rain and when i got home my girlfriend said “you smell like a dirty wet dog !”  So the name kind of stuck except that i have other names too : i was once “Big Nurse” in my professional sailing days and usually respond to oi-you at work.

Me :i now  work part time in healthcare after retiring from full-time healthcare a few years ago to have a go at being a self sufficient gardener, i might get to talk about that a bit here as alongside sailing and boats i also have a foot in the bushcraft and survival/homesteading world but don’t panic….no zombies to be seen here.



My intentions for the site are to cover a wide variety of subjects that are boat related , for example one thread will be to cover a voyage that i will be starting soon ie a serial journey around the UK over several years in the small boat that i own now and am re-fitting for the journey. At this stage i have no idea how far i will get and the boat isn’t yet ready but my plan is to try and get into all of the harbours, estuaries and rivers that i wouldn’t have been able to visit when i sailed big boats. Its possible that i will also change boats at some time and i could end up going smaller or larger.

Along the way i intend to photograph and talk about the places i visit and the more interesting boats and their owners that i find along the way. I hope to film some of it although i have never made a video so that will be a new venture too.I have to work part-time too and manage the garden and all of the other projects that i am trying to do so please excuse me when i am having to do something other than write.

My boat WABI'” high and dry on the sand at St Aubyn in Jersey, summer 2016


  1. Good luck quite envious of your experience and positive approach to the future. Very good choice of boat. Though I’m bias because I have a minstrel. Bremar


  2. Morning Steve.

    I was first attracted to your website as a result of Ian Crossley’s round robin announcing that he had sold Narwhal to you. Unfortunately almost immediately after my first log into your website I started to receive an increasing flow of pornographic spam. This may be just a coincidence, or some attraction to the fact that your site is titled “Dirtywetdog”. I thought it worth mentioning incase others have or are suffering the same as me. It has now also started to attract some to my inbox too. Not sure how to stop the intrusions other than stop visiting DWD, and see what BT can do to curtail the spam.


    1. That’s odd.
      I don’t know whether there is anything i can do this end. I don’t have that problem myself in fact i can’t remember the last time i got spam like that since i ditched hotmail and went onto gmail.


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