End of……

Pathfinder build project post June 2022 – end of main construction.

Time for a break.

This will be my last post for a while as I come to the end of main construction phase of the Pathfinder and as we head out for some away days and a much needed holiday – today I put all of the parts that belong to the boat and all of it’s loose gear actually where it’s intended to go in the boat, pulled the covers over and started mucking out the workshop. Aside from just a few things that I couldn’t get done at this stage the project is now at a point where I feel that I can leave it alone for a few weeks and then i’ll take a fresh look at it in July ; it’s unlikely now that i’ll be able to launch this year , mainly due to the cost of stuff like sails, fittings and a trailer but if all goes to plan then I’ll have a finished boat by the end of the summer and as I go to court in the autumn (Jury service).

This week has been an annoyingly difficult one because of what”s been happening ‘off camera’ here : some of you may recall that the back wall of my workshop used to be the thick granite wall of a Victorian era engine house that would once have had a steam engine that serviced the mine that was once on this site. Just beyond our boundary wall there is a capped mine shaft and the area is riddled with old shafts, tunnels, adits and mine workings – we had to have an extensive mines search when we bought this place but as it happens the only potential problem is a deep tunnel which crosses the corner of our garden. The mine shaft however needs occasional maintenance so this week, just as I was trying to do concentrated finishing work and using that time to video and talk about the project a whole bunch of mines and civil engineers turned up to open the shaft and do work on it – the worst days were when they parked a big suction pump truck just behind the build shelter and started pumping the shaft out ; a combination of big diesel engine and hydraulic whine plus about 10 engineers , riggers and workers all shouting loudly over the noise. I’m so glad that my partner wasn’t on night shifts because even with the doors and window closed I could still hear the noise in the house…….


During a very noisy week I applied one more coat of primer, one intermediate coat and then 2 coats of topcoat – a satin multi-coat on the inside of the coamings and a standard cream gloss on the decks and cuddy, as well as that I tried to finish priming everything that I hadn’t got around to on account of having run out of paint. At the end of the week I stripped off the protective masking skirt, vac’d the whole boat out and transferred all loose gear that belongs to the boat into the boat and roughly where it’s going to live – thus anchors, water containers and my new stove ; this also allows me to empty the workshop of trash and plywood waste and then get at our camping gear.

Foredeck, bowsprit and cuddy front

At the end of the week I wanted to record the end of this phase of the build with two things – firstly a few photographs which show where iv’e got to and secondly a short video to talk about this stage of the project. Right now iv’e just finished cleaning the workshop out and all of my work clothes are in the washing machine – the only jobs i’m going to do now are maybe spend some time sharpening my planes, write up the continuation of the shopping list on the shed door and then pull the covers over and shut up shop for a few weeks.

Cuddy from aft, main anchor stowage.

Cockpit, secondary water stowage, second anchor stowage.

When I come back to the project I intend to start doing short video’s again – I struggle a bit with the process here partially because I don’t like talking to a camera and don’t like either my voice or ‘me’ in video form….much prefer writing…….but it is useful I feel for some aspects of talking about the project so here goes with video 1.


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