A kick up the immune system.

A health and nutrition blog post 2022

Is it possible to reduce our chance of getting seriously unwell with Covid 19 ?

The answer, according to a pair of well respected doctors is yes.

As we go into the endemic phase of the pandemic it seems more likely from the modelling that everybody will be exposed to the Omicron variant of Covid 19 during the next few weeks because that variant has a much higher ‘R’ value – ‘R’ being the reproduction number and basically shows how many infections , on average, a single person will create. With an R value of something between 3 and 5 (at time of writing) the Omicron variant is much more likely to spread than the Delta variant who’s ‘R’ is less than 1.

So it seems as though it’s much more likely that everyone will be exposed to the Omicron variant as it displaces the Delta variant but that it’s also possible that less of the exposed/positive carriers will become seriously sick as the infection to illness frequency de-couples – once again as several doctors are now saying.

According to Dr John Campbell there is a possibility that many of us have inadvertently overlooked something really simple and that is the role of Vitamin and Mineral supplements that can and make our immune systems more effective and thus reduce the end effect of both viruses and bacteria in our bodies. Furthermore it looks as though the minerals and vitamins that we need to do that are both simple, relatively cheap and available straight over the counter – these being primarily Zinc and Vitamins C, D and K2…..Vitamin C to help absorb the Zinc and vitamin K2 to prevent calcium depletion in bones.

Anyone who studies nutrition will know that Zinc is present in may foodstuffs especially meat, seafood some whole grains and yoghurt (link also below) but that some diet specific groups, notably vegetarians and vegans may have an inadequate intake compared say to the primary carnivores and fish eaters. Vitamin D also pops up in our food but the main source of vitamin D production is cited as being directly related to sun to skin exposure in the summer months so on that basis alone it seems wise to supplement vitamin D during our long winters.

To me, the best evidence for vitamin and mineral supplements as a Covid 19 prevention strategy comes from a GP working in Israel – Dr Micheal Cohen , who states that out of 400 patients that he has advised to take the mix of supplements, that none of them have been hospitalized with Covid 19. Both Dr Campbell and Dr Cohen say that isn’t based on a clinical trial and is purely an observation but suggest that a simple statistical study should demonstrate a positive correlation between supplements and reduction in serious illness from Covid 19….and incidentally from may other pathogens as well because the action of the supplements is specific to the immune system and not to a specific virus or bacteria.

As always i will state that this isn’t medical advice because i’m not qualified to give it, if you are thinking about supplements but wary of any risks and/or think that is some kind of snake oil or quackery then, as always, consult with and discuss with your own healthcare professional.

Link below.


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