Hot and sticky.

Blog time : it’s mid July 2021 – here in the UK it’s gone warm and sticky ; what most Brits would call ‘hot …maybe excepting those who have ever worked or sailed in the humid tropics. The heat, if i dare call it that without or southern colleagues laughing their socks off is a problem though in that i’m right in the middle of laminating fiberglass cloth onto the boards and/or then filling and fairing them – and it’s been a sod to keep some control over the glue. Iv’e done fairly well in that i have managed to get cloth on or filler on with only one incident of my mix going ‘fizz’ and then only after i’d got what i needed on and off and it was the hot remnant in the pot that went into an exothermic reaction.

Really all iv’e had to do is to change my usual work routine such that i get out there early and any heavy work, like sanding. done straight away while it’s still cool, then laminate or fill the next piece in the workshop…nice and cool in there….and only then come in and have some breakfast. After a short break inside whatever iv’e laid up in the workshop will be at gel stage and that then goes straight outside to ‘cook’ under the shelter ; it does get too hot under there once the sun is fully on it so i’m going to add yet more shading material under the roof. Often then i’ll work on the next piece inside the workshop but then take a break until the evening – living in an all granite built cottage is great in the summer, in fact it’s great all year round, because it stays cool in the summer but never gets extremely cold -partially because it’s in the middle of a row of 4.

On the bench this week.

As i write it’s the end of another working week on the project and so during this one all that iv’e been working on are the 2 blades (centerboard and rudder blades) and the board case. Each part has been faired and filled on each face, laminated with a layer of glass cloth, faired and filled again (and again) and now in the example of the inside faces of the case coated with epoxy resin and graphite powder as well. Iv’e never used graphite powder before and even the collective intelligence of my boatbuilding friends drew a blank as well as none of them had used it either….we’ll just have to see how it works out.

On the ‘outside’ bench- actually the boat’s bottom panels, from left to right : board case finished with graphite, board case laminated , filled and faired, rudder blade and centerboard finished with fairing compound (microlight) and sanded fair.

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