Mrs Mop’s trolley of stickyness.

The epoxy trolley.

This is one of those things that iv’e always felt that i should have in the workshop but have never got around to doing ; up until now iv’e always kept my epoxy resin in one crate and all of the fillers, glue powders , sticks, pots and whatnot in another one. For this project when it came time to sort the epoxy crates out i mostly found a nasty sticky mess in the bottom of the glue crate such that i just had to bin the whole thing and start afresh.

Obviously it’s far better that i start this project with fresh resin and hardener and as i’m almost at the stage where i want to start bonding pieces then it was clearly time to organize everything and because i’m mainly going to be working outside i want everything in one place or on one trolley just like my rolling tool rack. The rolling tool rack idea i stole directly from Adam Savage’s maker channel and this idea oddly enough comes from healthcare and specifically my last job : often in the evening i would be one of the last people in the department and by then our genial Polish cleaners would be doing their stuff. After a quick ‘cześć, dobry wieczór ( and yes….i probably sounded like a dork !) the cleaners would pull their trolleys out and start sluicing the place out. I always thought that the cleaners trolley would make a useful workshop trolley because the top surface is high and they are always set up to carry a bin bag or laundry bag that can take a plastic liner.

I didn’t find an NHS style cleaning trolley and the professional ones are ludicrously expensive but i did find this one on Ebay and i reckon it will do the job nicely. That’s the resin and hardener tins in the bottom tray, the fillers and glue powders in their kitchen dispensers center and at the moment just gloves on top ; the big crate has all of the sticks, pots and whatnot’s at the moment. When i get time i’m going to add a second work surface above the crate….that’s where i will mix the resin and powders and the idea of a big bin bag is for instant disposal of gloves and resin residue. I suspect that over time the trolley will acquire all sorts of add-ons for bits and pieces so that i can set up to glue very quickly without touching anything else in the workshop….iv’e even known boatbuilders in the past to have a few frequently used tools that only get used around epoxy and i may well go down that route myself with some tools.

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