Letting go…..

The end of an era.

Blog time : it’s October 2020 and as i write my way through another grey autumn day i may have just sold WABI”’, assuming that is that the buyer actually comes up with the cash and completes on the deal. If he does then i’m boat-less and fancy-fee to get on with other things and i won’t be taking on the kind of winter refit that i was planning….quite literally last night. Last night i worked up a job list that would have taken all winter and left the boat in a much more desirable condition for a sale in the Spring ; what that would have meant though is a lot of back and forth to the yard, lots of time in the shed and even more time on the sewing machine……anyway, one set of notes and drawings safely stowed in the woodburner instead.

We were saying today that we’ve had a lot of fun with the little Liberty, especially last year’s trip right down to southern Brittany but also that what this year has taught me is that it’s time to ‘let go’ and move on : quite simply that i want to get on with other things. I don’t think that this is the end of my sailing life at all, in fact iv’e got a big project in mind except that it includes a much smaller boat…one that can be worked on and kept at home…..the kind of thing that i’m now writing about in my series ‘sail and awe’. I know i’m already making comparisons between last year’s sailing and the washout that this year has been but even last year i could see the worm in the apple : that in the shape of the many abandoned small boats littering the Brittany creeks. I wondered then what it would be like if i got to the point where either i couldn’t afford to run a boat…..that or if i simply lost interest : well now i know and my answer is to make a quick decision and ‘move on’.

Had things worked out differently this year i might even now be out there continuing my small boat voyage around the UK , poking into as many of the small harbours and rivers as i could. What actually happened with that wasn’t so much the dismasting but the sheer hassle of not being able to find places to moor for a while, get ashore and do all of the other things that i wanted to do with the voyage : better now i think to split those things off from trying to run a boat and just do them anyway. It might be a lot of fun, and a far more challenging and interesting project, to do the same voyage but in an open boat and by sail and oar only. I suspect that for me at least it might be true that the smaller the boat then the greater the adventure : crossing the English channel, even at the wide end, in a generic cruising boat is just so much ‘meh’, doing it in WABI”’ and solo, had some good moments……doing it by sail and oar in open boat though would be high adventure.

That’s all in the future though, right now i’m in serious training and preparation for our next major project (if it comes together), selling WABI”’ clears the way to get serious with the design and plans for the open boat project over the winter. For now and for this post i thought i would like to throw together a photographic tour of some of our time with the little Liberty.

France 2019.

Camaret Sur Mer
Pont Aven
Ile de Glenans.
Port Launay
Rade de Brest

West country rivers (UK)

Ruan Creek (Fal)

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