Sail and awe : introduction.

Sail and oar perhaps.

The bushcraft and adventure boat.

Welcome to the new boating section of my adventure blog , as of August 2020 i am archiving all of my old sailing posts although they will still be visible in the blog : in my new category organisation they will appear under their relevant sections…cruising France and Cruising UK for example.

This is the entirely new section of my blog in which i hope to be writing about my next venture with small boats ; what i have often thought of as my ‘bushcraft boat’ project along similar lines to ‘Raid’ boats and Everglades Challenge sailboats. In boating terms this style of boat used to be thought of as sail and oar, there being a very good book with that title, also ‘camp’ cruisers, beach cruisers and multi-purpose boats….the MPV’s of the sailing world.

For me this is a change of direction, not only with the blog, but also with my complete life as an outdoorsman : today, during my long walk i was trying to think of the best way of explaining that change in the most simple way possible and how i think of it is in terms of ‘cohesiveness’ and consistency…..that the various parts of the outdoors posts will demonstrate a similarity of approach.   I hope that it will become more apparent in the first few posts in each of the new sections just what my new approach is : perhaps one way of looking at it is that hiking, bushcraft and sailing are only sub disciplines of the greater whole which is really all about going out into the different environments that the outdoors gives us and experiencing them to the full.

In a way i think that my previous sailing boats , even my most recent adventures with my Hunter Liberty ‘WABI’ get in between me and the actual direct experience some of the time : for sure last year had it’s very ‘direct’ moments (and hours) slogging across the English channel or rocking and rolling in the ‘Raz’.

I’m going to start this series off by defining the objectives and the task first rather than concentrating on ‘things’ ; actual boats.  In this new direction the actual boat is of lesser importance and the doing of the adventure a greater one : even as i start this new series i know of several ways that i could have the adventure and that there are many boats out there that i could quickly modify to be vehicle of adventure.

Finally, for now, i’m also thinking about having some way of extending this approach out into social media such that this isn’t just me talking (and writing) but becomes a more general chat about the very real, and greater experience, of the outdoors.

To share in the great, or small, adventure come over and take a look at my new Facebook page here :


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