Kick some tyres.

Spring down at the local boatyard.


Today, after slapping some epoxy on the rudder that i am building i decided that it was about time to get down to my local boatyard for a poke around.  I have finished, for now, the series on starter boats but took my camera out on the off-chance of finding a perfect little starter boat down here.   I have often talked about poking around the back row of ‘proper’ boatyards to find those neglected ‘projects’ that might just make a nice starter boat.

Hey look ! it’s a ‘Dylan’ boat.  Not sure whether its for sale but my does it need a wash.


This one has been sitting at the front of the yard for at least 5 years, ever since i have lived down here.  It looks as though Chris has finally slapped a bill of Tort on it .  I think it’s a Van De Stadt design, possibly a ‘Pioneer’


Motor sailor anyone ?


Drascombe for sale.


I think this Harrison Butler is for sale but not exactly within my budget.  The prospector canoe is more like it, unfortunately my canoeing days are probably over as my kneeling just isn’t on the menu any more.


There are a few boats for sale in the yard although nothing that i can see that would be relevant to my starter boat posts.  Still, its a lot of fun to have a poke around and get some pictures of all the photogenic boat-y bits and pieces lying around.  For those that don’t know the yard this is the excellent little Calstock Boatyard high up the Tamar and where i keep WABI” when she is at home.




There weren’t many people around today but it is still very early and there was a bitingly cold wind down by the river.  One owner was doing a bit of antifouling with the unmistakable delicate aroma of no 3 thinners in the air .

Looks as though Chris is getting Spirit of Mystery ready to sail.




    1. Thanks for posting. It would be great to see her cleaned up and sailing again. She is in a terrible state now. I don’t know what Chris intends but with a Bill Of Tort on her i guess that whoever actually owns her hasn’t been paying her yard fees.


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