The Burgh Island bacon butty break.

The first stage of our cruise to the east was the quick trip down the Tamar to Plymouth sound and then out to the Yealm for an overnight stop.  The anchorage off the beach was a bit full when we pulled in so we anchored near the northern shore and had a quiet night there. As you can see the evening light was absolutely beautiful and the sea almost mirror calm as the light northerly breeze died away.


The next morning we got away very early as i wanted to pull in to the east of Burgh Island at very near low water.  When we left the Yealm there was hardly any wind inshore as we were in the land wind-shadow until we made a bit of offing , after that we had an easy light reach along the coast and we sailed in around the south-east reef just before low water slack.  Of note : my chart shows the beacon as being at the end of the reef to the south-east of the island but on visual it extends at least another 60 metres and was breaking on a slight swell.  It was all nicely visible though so we anchored over clean sand in about 8 feet….could have gone right in and beached !


For those that don’t know it the Island is home to an iconic and famous hotel built in 1929 in the Art-Deco style. It is apparently famous for high-jinks in times past by the in-crowd : Noel Coward and Agetha Christie both get a mention in the hotel website.  Today its still a nice hotel : not that i have ever stayed there although according to their website i could hire the whole place for 10 grand for one night in November (+ 50 guests).   It can be reached by walking across the sand at low water and at high water they have a water-tractor on wheels with a raised platform for taking the guests across.


On a nice weekend day its just a great place to go and play on the sand, have a paddle or a swim or try a paddle board which seems to be the current water craze down in these parts.  The opposite beach by the river entrance is a well know local surf beach and hangout but with such little swell as there was it wasn’t breaking. I really fancied going for a swim as the sea will be at its warmest right now : i am somewhat prone to skinnydipping off the boat but with lots of people around i felt it best not to upset the locals with a bare (and white) bottom.


The bacon butty break ? absolutely essential after an early morning start and before leaving to catch the new flood east down to Salcombe.



  1. Looks like you had a great trip. Thanks for taking the time to bring us along and I’m really enjoying the videos on Youtube but on the Dart one, unfortunately, the engine sound from around 10:40 drowns-out your commentary. That’s a pity as I’m sure you had some interesting things to say.


    1. I think i may have found some tricks with the latest clip (bigbury to Salcombe) mainly by not trying to do lots of short voice ‘takes’ but just doing one longer narrative in the middle. Problem is that i hate the sound of my own voice on video !. I don’t have the ideal tools either : my miniature video camera picks up wind noise over nearly everything else and i also made a mistake when i bought the DSLR in that it doesn’t have an external mic port so i can’t use a shotgun mic with a sock. I am unlikely ever to be able to make longer films as neither my old MAC or our internet connection can take the strain…..it took nearly 5 hours to upload the 15 minutes of the Dart film.


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