Time for a break.

Its time we had a break here.

The school summer holidays are over which means that all the ‘mummies’ are back to work at the hospital and the brats are back at school.  Sailing ‘silly’ season is over as well which means that the nice anchorages will be a lot quieter and not full of the summer-only ‘noobs’ all swinging into each other.  We have got 2 weeks off at the same time so we are going to head off down to the yard and pick WABI”’ up off her mooring and head down the river.  I don’t have a plan yet : there is a potential weather slot open to dash for Guernsey in a light northerly or we could just go coasting.


Here all of the projects and jobs can now go on hold, the drive is being done today as i write and the garden work is at a stage where i can leave it.

What i would like to do is continue the WABI voyage out to the east for a late summer cruise of the eastern end of the west country and then lay the Liberty up earlier in the autumn this year rather than trying to sail right through the winter.  I am not sure what i am going to do with the Liberty long term now, the logical thing is to sell her now and put that money aside for a vehicle replacement in the next couple of years and reduce my boat costs right down. The other option is to lay her up and keep her clean, dry and tidy but ready for a potential continuation of the voyage : i still very much like the little cabin boat and i could see a situation where i just say f**k it at work and disappear off sailing for 6 months !. In the autumn i have got 2 big jobs to do in the gardens and then i can get on with the baby boat refit.  I note that readers here are saying ‘sail the boat’ as she is now but to be honest she isn’t at my basic standard to take to sea as she is : i could do a rush job just to temporarily bodge things together but that’s not the way i work.

I won’t be posting for a couple of weeks : i think its not only good but necasary to get away from the internet once in a while and i could do with the break from my training so be good and don’t get into trouble while i am away.


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