Bob popped around today to have a look at the driveway job.

Bob of course is the builder and his name is actually mike and he’s a great bloke.  Anyway mike (bob) has seen the drive modification at ‘hole’ stage today and advised me how far he needed it filling with the hardcore and stones before he sends dave around with the churney thing to mix the gloop for the job.


Astute readers will see that i have taken the second fence post out and extended the cut along the dry stone wall.  Today i got that post out, built the new retaining wall (don’t look too close) and after bob had been round filled the hole up to about 5 inches below the level of the new surface.   Apparently bob is going to send dave round to get the job done as soon as he is free.  With any luck the boat will get here first so we will have to use a different technique to get it into the drive first time around.  The space in our drive is ready as of today as well after i moved all the water tanks yesterday.

I don’t know what it was but when i packed up last night i was so tired i could hardly think, feel a lot better today and i think the difference is that i had a high protein snack in the middle of the day and didn’t yesterday.  Oddly my weight was up yesterday morning but down again today…..just a tad over 95kg.

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