Down at the yard.

I almost went sailing today for the first time since my recent back injury but it rained heavily in the morning and it was getting too late to get anywhere decent with what was left of the day so i decided to do some work on the blog and only went down to the yard in the afternoon to get some pictures . 007

The yard seems almost empty compared to even when we were re-launching the liberty which is now sitting pretty on one of Chris’s moorings. There is still quite a bit of activity with the weekenders working on their boats. The little yellow westerly seems to have it engine out in the cabin : all i could see was an overalled bum with its owner chest deep in the tiny engine compartment…..oh the joy of boat diesel engines and awkward spaces !.


Chris was around as usual and carrying half a tree over his shoulder which i guess must be one of the yards off his lugger….getting a bit close to Looe Luggers and no sign of the bog boat sailing !

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