Can anyone tell me why it is that when i have 5 days clear to get down to the boat, oh and the sun is shining, that i get a dose of manflu ?.

Sailors will know that manflu is of course the 3rd worst thing that a sailor can get with only ‘lackofboat-itis’ at number one and gentility today prevents me from writing up number 2 in the list of sailors ailments.  Well here i am stuck at home alternately covering the keyboard in snot and coughing like a bastard with a minging headache and i smell absolutely foul even by dirty wet dog standards !.   This weekend i had planned a whole load of filming in the Helford and Falmouth rivers as i have now got my new blog tool : a DSLR to be exact.    Although i wiped out several months worth of boat budget all in one go when the truck failed its MOT (and i bet i would fail an MOT right now) i had done the research and the camera i wanted came up at a decent price so i gulped a bit and put a bid on it…..didn’t actually win it (ebay) but the seller then contacted me to say that the original buyer was pratting about so i got it on a second chance.

The new camera is a Pentax k50, said to be good for outdoors enthusiasts as having lots of dust seals and being reasonably straightforward to use also useful is that it will run off AA size batteries which i keep on the boat. It will apparently do video at a file size that i can use (4 k being far too big for me) and takes me back into the world of ‘proper’ cameras.  The plan this weekend was partially just to learn the camera in photography modes and doing some filming too. The microphone and stand is new as well which i can now use to do the narrations on the film clips : not today though as i sound a bit like Bilbo Baggins with a cold “thag-you very butch” mode !.    By all accounts i could also use a boom-mic on top of the camera as and when i get to do interviews so the tech side is coming together a bit.

I played around with video clips again just to try and learn more of the adobe tools : the combination of a very un-powerful old computer and a very slow connection is i think going to limit me to quite short video clips but if i can put out 2 minute clips for now at least visitors here will get a sense of what i am doing.


Here : its time for more fluid, more paracetamol and brufen and try and hold the sofa down for a while.

Update : 4th day.

Ok so i died but got a little bit better yesterday.  Jax now has a similar cold although obviously nothing like as bad !


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