Blog update.

Today i should have been driving back down to Mylor and around about now thinking about getting my anchor down for the night after a day sailing and filming.  What actually happened is that i was car-less for an extra day after the car failed its MOT and what should have been a pretty steep repair bill turned into an eye-watering and butt-hurt one not far short of a thousand squid !.  That not only means that i am broke again but that i have failed on getting to the boat, it certainly means that i can’t treat myself to a tillerpilot for the boat which would make filming and photographing on the move a lot easier but has also meant that i still can’t afford the camera for the job either.

Visitors here will be aware that i have had a first try at shooting and editing video : it wasn’t great but its new so give me some slack on that ok but at least i can see where i am going wrong and am learning my way around the software.    I have now got a second hard drive so i am a bit mores secure in the future with the photo files and in storage terms can afford to photograph a lot more than i have been doing : right now i am running out of decent new pictures of my own which is why i have done a couple of blog posts about boats using already published material.

On the tech side i am watching a couple of secondhand DSLR’s closely on ebay as i have found one that will do video at a good enough standard and should allow me to up my game with the photography which is the side i am a bit more familiar with.  I do have another 20 or so blog posts up on the blocks waiting for photographs and film and for more time to edit and improve : i am working towards longer posts for the future although today i have been writing all day but outside the sailing world with a small project potentially for publication in healthcare.     If no new disasters occur then i might be working with some new and better kit this month.


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