Drying out.

Don’y worry its nothing to do with my meths habit.

This is the Fowey river beyond Golant : i headed up here to have a relax away from the noise and activity of the clay docks and also because the weather forecasts were still giving strong wind warnings for the area and gales next door in Biscay and the Irish sea.  From the charts i could see that this would most likely be a dry-out as the tides were about to peak at a big spring over not much of a river channel.  From my experience lower down in the river i knew that the actual channels are little like the charted ones so when i came upriver i spent a while hunting back and forth over where i thought they were but the echo-sounder, now fondly known as the ‘trollsounder’ only gave an occasional hint of the true depth and the channel here isn’t a single one but a series of shallow braids and banks and i missed the true channel by just a few yards.  It didn’t really matter as the boat will sit level with the boards up : it was a nice surprise though to wake up the next morning high and dry on a firm bottom which allowed me to go for a walk without having to wade through thick river mud.


It was a good opportunity to give her a scrub and explore the channel as far as i could before it turned to mud about a quarter-mile upstream.  I took some video here, first real clips so once i get those edited and some sound sorted that might be the first film clip of the trip. As you can see the light was terrible and there was a lot of wind noise but its a good first look at the boat and slightly cleaner than her normal muddy stripe colour scheme.


    1. Its something that i am only just getting used to…spent far too much of my sailing life with 14 foot draught fixed fin keels that wouldn’t go anywhere near where i go now !. I have found a trick of sounding channels using the centreboard and lifting/dropping it to work the channels…..might make an east coast sailor out of me yet !


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