When i think about dandy hole it is often with the added knowledge that it can be a difficult place sometimes, some of that happens just because too many boats go there, don’t anchor well and end up swinging in each others space.   Sometimes it can be when anchoring conditions are difficult like for instance in a strong easterly on a spring ebb, not thats a very common occurrence though.

The photograph reminds me that for a long while i messed around with the claw type (Bruce) anchor on the Frances, most of the time it was ok but on one occasion it dragged : i  was experimenting with anchoring fore and aft there before i really learnt the bahamian moor, what i had done is anchor ahead as normally with a 10kg delta and then anchored astern by running the bruce out in the dinghy.  When the ebb kicked in the Frances wouldn’t lie stern-on but kept trying to cant across the flow just enough to put incedible weight on the rode…couldn’t shift it anyhow. Quite soon i realised that the stern set anchor was slowly just pulling through the mud even at about a 6:1 set.  Eventually i gave up, bouyed it and let it go also at the same time quickly taking in on the bow anchor so that i would just swing to that and then go and recover the bruce.

Funny (or not ) but i have been on 3 boats anchored with the claw type where it has dragged : once one a maxi in the solent in about 20 knots of breeze and a foul tide, once in the same boat at Ascension island (weird place) and once in a race boat with a far too light bruce anchor anyway.

So far i have never dragged when anchored on a Delta type but was thinking about anchors and dragging again while i was out over christmas as i woke up not where i had anchored but about 70 yards away in shallower water ! that by the way was while at anchor to the CQR that came with the boat : even when i first got it i thought it was inadequate even though its around the recommended size.   The boat’s treat over christmas was a brand spanking new Rocna and a bag of leaded line….just waiting for some super-strong 7mm chain as well.

Its much nicer i feel to wake up generally in the same spot as i anchored.


  1. Hi Steve We where discussing anchors the other day as you do and concluded that the rocna was a good bet. Whats the leaded line like ? I have not come across it before


    1. I have used it once before and like it. If you were just going to anchor on rope then its definitely the way to go. Where swinging room isn’t a problem i would be happy just on the leaded line as long as the anchor was at the top end of the range for the boat. For a long time now i have mainly anchored with a short length of chain and a lot more warp. The Frances seemed best with about 2x boat-lengths of chain and then as much warp as needed. The Liberty i am less sure about yet as it does seem to veer around a lot in a breeze, possibly due to the wind resistance of the main mast being forward. I have set a riding sail several times already. Soon i will do a post about anchors for the liberty.


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