Blog development.

I have had some valid comments from readers that my blog is difficult to navigate around because it doesn’t have a menu structure, instead its all just lumped in together.  I’ve been working on that for a while even to the point of asking for technical help from the site host (wordpress).  They sent me a detailed reply about how to tag and categorise posts and then get them to appear in a menu…..only it took me several sessions and a bucket load of coffee to make it happen.  Finally last night i got the menu structure to appear at the top of the public version which is different from the page i see.

What you should now see is a menu of post categories at the top of the blog, right now i am slowly going through 160 posts tagging and categorising them.  This is roughly how the categories work at the moment :

Boats.  Is the easiest one, those are just posts about a specific boat.

People. Ditto.

Cruising. Will mainly be the cruising diary posts for example the various rivers i have explored so far with the Liberty.

Blog posts. Is mainly the blog diary and Blog Essays will be the longer posts where i am trying to write about a subject within the genre.

Fitness blog. Is obviously just about fitness/exercise, training and diet.

Brains trust. will only be the post essays i write for the collaborative project.

Odd stuff. Will be the place where i dump anything that i want to write about that isn’t covered by the boat-y stuff.  There will be another section going in if i write those posts ie politics.


  1. Works for me Steve — thanks for making the effort to organise this. I can imagine it ‘s slightly onerous to have to tag all your posts but definitely worth the effort. One minor formatting point, “sailing” isn’t capitalised in your menu but the other categories are — oh, and you’ve put a full stop after “Fitness blog”, so that’s two minor formatting points 😉


    1. I was trying to correct mistakes yesterday after i finally getting the menu to work……then lost the whole thing again for the next 2 hours !. Its staying as it is right now !


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