My boats.

Just for reference i thought i would put up a short list of the actual boats that i have owned and later a second list of the other boats that i can remember sailing on.

My own boats then and what i thought of them :

East German Folkboat.  Nothing like as good a boat as a nice scandinavian or english folkboat, the basic boat design is great and they can be nice slippery little craft but the East German version suffers from having an ugly cabin and weak frames : most of the frames on mine were broken.

James Wharram Tiki 26.  Bought as a half built project and finished by me, i don’t have any surviving photographs which is a shame as she ended up as quite a nice boat.  I think that the Tiki 26 is the best ever JW design (actually its much more Hanneke Boon’s). Its just big enough in the hulls to be comfortable although the cabin spaces are tiny. The boat is potentially very fast : i easily overtook racing keel yachts up to 38 feet downwind.  They can be made into a nicer cruising boat with the addition of a tent for the cockpit.  My boat was the first WABI.

Deben 4 ton. Possibly the worst boat that i have owned and one of the worst boats that i have sailed on which is strange when you consider that they are considered as classic yachts.  To be fair mine was a rough one and in poor condition when i bought her cheap on Ebay.   My plan was to treat her as a project boat and completely re-cover the hull with veneer/epoxy and glass.  I didn’t ever do that because i hated sailing her and even felt that she had a bad temperament as a boat.  Sold on quickly and forgotten.   The only positive memory i have of the boat is being able to out-sail a modern under-canvassed cruiser/racer when coming out of the solent during the trip home.

Osprey Dinghy. Bought as a project to build a high performance lugger to take part in the everglades challenge and as a cruising dinghy conversion.  Well into the refit/rebuild i realised that she was beyond economic repair with  just about every seam wet and falling apart. Never got to sail her but i believe they are quick boats.

Frances 26. Great boat and the one boat i always wanted for myself, bought impulsively off ebay sight unseen. Treated right from the start as a total refit over several years and had a lot of time and money thrown in.  She nearly broke my heart and the bank when she nearly sank on her winter mooring due to total incompetence on the part of her initial builder.  Very very capable small offshore/ocean going boat that looks after its crew and looks the way a boat should. Mine also had the nicest ‘feel’ of any boat i have ever been aboard.  (WABI 2)

Hunter Liberty. Current boat …..see blog.  Potentially a very good boat.