About me and my blog.

As i write it’s August 2020 , iv’e been running the website/blog for 3 years now and i feel that it’s high time that i did a bit of housework around the place, tidied a few things up and got some re-organisation going.     For the first 3 years my main interest here was boats, sailing and the sea….with a bit of just about everything else thrown in…..now, i find that my interests have shifted again and i’m writing a lot more general outdoors related stuff and my old format didn’t reflect that so….

About me then.

Just for the record i’m 62 and any resume would have to say that i’m a retired specialist nurse, although i actually retired as a very part time and low key staff nurse, working in Endoscopy and yes….looking at or into bottoms for a living : strange life !.  The greater story there is that i started my nurse training in 1981 and at that time it was a very strange and unusual thing to do, me being the only bloke in a class of 30 : i qualified in that most ‘titled’ year- 1984 and from then on spent most of my time in and around intensive care units.   I always seemed to be leading a double, if not triple life as i tried then to spend as much time on the deck of a racing boat, usually in the Irish Sea.

As a sailor then… : i didn’t start sailing until i was 20 at which time i was doing a temporary job in a boatyard, i first learnt to sail in the Menai Straits and then the Irish Sea .  In 1989/90 i kind-of ran away to sea with the then Whitbread race and to some extent never really settled to ‘normal’ life again , rather that for a few years i was on and off big boats usually as a stand-in mate and navigator.  I mostly left big boats behind at the turn of the century and from then on owned or refitted and sailed a short string of small cruising boats….some better and some a lot worse.

There is a whole other side to even my outdoors life that has never really appeared in my blog and that’s my lifelong interest, passion even, for just being out in the great outdoors , be that on a mountain or moor, river or lake , the sea of course and the fascinating micro-environment of the water margin.   Iv’e done quite a bit of rock climbing…i was never very good, some long distance hiking in California and New Zealand and a lot of what is called Bushcraft….none of that really appears in the blog because i did most of it before i had a digital camera or after i lost all of my previous photo files.

The blog then.

It’s my blog of course so it reflects some of my other interests, thus you will find some serious posts about Men’s Health for example and then a few years back i started studying psychology as an interested amateur, and as a sideline to my actual work.  This year iv’e had a major change in direction in my own life, with a major effort to sort out my over-weight and related health problems…that is reflected in the blog with the new posts and new blog categories.    As of now, August 2020, i’m re-organising things around here , archiving some very old and now irrelevant posts and making the blog easier to navigate.  Please feel free to comment on my posts as i do enjoy the feedback.

Steve Yates August 2020.