Several shades of Grey.

This morning we almost have a complete bathroom !

Last night after a long and frustrating day at the orifice i had my first long and hot shower in there…..didn’t have any lights mind you but sparky-Mark is in there right now putting lighting, power and vents in.

The eventual design and layout is very simple but then it is a very small space partially taken up by a large shower tray with heavy glass sliding screen and then just loo, basin and new towel rail/radiator.   The shower enclosure walls look really nice but don’t photograph particularly well.  I have got to finish the paintwork and make a new frame for the old mirror but basically the job is done.  The skip (full) has just gone from the drive and i have started cleaning through the house.  All i have to do now is re-decorate most of the house and finish the box work downstairs where the soil pipe comes down through the cottage.

Plumber Matt and son/apprentice Isaac hard at it with the heavy glass a few days ago.


Before (during rip-out)

001 (2)

During construction



  1. Very stylish, I see the shower head is where it should be ie as high as it will go ! Inspires me to do ours as its been on the list for …..


  2. Ahh bucket washes at the moment here its 28 deg and humid as so cool water is real nice. Has the lad learnt that plumbers get paid on Friday and S%^& does not go uphill 🙂


    1. Yeah great, here air temperature is about 10 with wind and rain. Washing not so pleasant. Apprentice basically wants to hurl mountain bikes over big jumps and drops for a living but dad says he needs a trade.


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