Baby preps.

Yes, we are getting ready for our new baby here.

And yes, that’s our new baby boat !

The blog update is that i am nearly the owner of a Devon Dayboat : the one that i went to see last week.  Hopefully this week it will turn up in Cornwall so i am working as fast as i can here to be ready.

I talked about the potential problems at home in one of the ‘for/against’ posts and mainly that the primary problem here is getting the boat through 2 x 90 degree tight turns to get it onto our drive.  The worst of the 2 problems is turning off the lane that goes past the terrace.


And this is what it looks like today after 2 days solid work.


So far i have : emptied and moved the water butts.  Removed the short section of fence. Taken out the main strainer post (took hours because it was me that cemented it in) and today dug out the sand and clay to start laying a hard-core base for the new section of driveway.  I am very tempted to take out the next post as well to open out the access angle even more : it wouldn’t be that much more effort.  In a couple of days our friendly builder will come and assess the job for the next stage, basically building up a ramp onto the main part of the driveway. So far i have filled one metre cube skip bag with the soil and am halfway into the second.  Earlier in the weekend i started to move all of the potential hardcore for the job…probably a couple of tons and all by hand.

In our own drive i have siphoned off the reserve water tank ready to move that tomorrow : that’s where the baby will live for now.  While i am at it i am going to redo the main rainwater tank farm with the butts that i just moved. That will allow the back of the boat to sit where the big tank is now…the gravel section is wedge shaped so the further back it can go the better.



    1. The answer is probably not much at first. What we are likely to do is continue our west-country sail with the Liberty and then i will lay her up at the yard and tart her up a bit ready to sell. Once we get the dayboat home i will rig her there and start to work through the essential jobs.


  1. Looking good, we use a little Kubota tractor to move the boats around and I have seen an electric powered dolly that hooks into the tow hitch which works well on flat ground. Its a bit full here currently as there are 4 boats in the driveway 3 of which I hasten to add are customer ones and LB is tucked in the garage. Hopefully the owner of one will collect tomorrow as the new motor mount well most of the transom is done now, much aluminium fab and welding later.
    Enjoy your new arrival.


    1. Tomorrow could be interesting. The bloke is towing the new baby over and i have to rush back from work so that we can heave it into the drive. The drive entrance is only half done but i finished clearing the parking space yesterday….in the pouring rain (hell its august and supposed to be summer)


  2. Congrats on the boat, good call. The upside is your home gym workout is now outside, and productive for the new berthing of your baby, blue Narwal that is.


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