Not everything i do works out, in fact a lot of the time i have a great idea for a small detail on the boat, spend hours thinking about it and then trying to cobble something together and after hours in the workshop say to myself “thats crap” !. My ideas and ambition regularly over-reach my practical ability : ideally i would go back to school and learn metalwork but that would only be the start because i need to know right now how to turn, cast and fabricate complex shapes.

What i have just tried to do is make a pattern for a new bow fairlead arrangment for the Liberty, the idea is based solidly on one that does work, in fact its lifted almost whole from the older generation of RNLI offshore lifeboats just as my anchoring setup is : i guess if anyone knows about small craft anchoring in difficult conditions its the fishermen and seamen that crew the lifeboats.  If anyone has taken a look at the bow of a big lifeboat they will know instantly what i have tried to make….its a large bronze casting, very smooth in every direction so that the rode can lead away at almost any angle rather than chafing on the sharp plates of a modern yachts bow roller.

Here just for giggles is the first effort .


You can see the idea : the rode will be coming up from the seabed over the ‘tongue and through the lead, my new arrangement is that the rode on WABI”’ will then run down the side-deck to a cleat aft where i can reach it from the pit.  That first attempt….laughably huge, it wouldn’t be that much out of place on a 50 foot and 20 ton boat so yes its a bit overkill in plywood let alone a cast bronze version.

Back to the drawing board or rather back to a whole box of plywood scraps that i am playing with to try and create this.



Take 2.

Late last night i had one of those ‘moments’ when i suddenly realised that i knew how to make a much better , lighter and neater shape so that has been the work of the day. At end of day we have this :


Not bad and a coffee break too.


  1. Hi Steve that looks OK, is it to counterbalance the battery if you do it in bronze. the Dashew boats use a large machined ally fairlead for a drogue off the bow I have just done a bow roller with a hoop over the top for a fizz boat here that might work.


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