I wasn’t sure whether to call this post ‘shopping’ or just ‘zombies’ because that is what todays shopping effort felt like, ok so it was raining in the way it can really do this side of dartmoor so it was a pretty miserable experience but shopping (even boat shopping) saps me of the will to live real fast.

It didn’t help that the main drag into the city is being ripped apart for the next 18 months while the council arse about with the road layout yet again…nor that the road also got closed entirely for the third day running because someone keeps digging up white phosphorous grenades !!.  Even going around the back way of the back way was a total PITA even before getting to the first store.

I don’t know what it is about most stores but many of them seem to be staffed by either 17 year olds who know nothing and care less or have the opposite end who are total know-all toerags that treat older customers like dirt on their expensive trainers but one of them today nearly got a boot in the place where he would have neeeded a colonoscopy to remove it.  The main place where i go to get epoxy seems to be running all of its stocks down so no laminating brushes, no pots and syringes etc which meant driving completely across the city to an alternative and yes there were more new pointless one-way systems and road closures too.

The star of the day was a young bloke at the Plymouth battery centre who told me everything i needed to know about the large replacement battery that i want for the boat project…shockingly (pun) expensive so that will have to wait for payday and then i will need a crane to get it in the boat (active ballast).

And then i thought i would go and take a look at video cameras : next variant on shop assistants ie the aggressive/pushy ones ffs.  Outcome…..gave up and went for coffee instead.

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  1. Great description, couldn’t agree more, the thing is we are meant to support our local retailers but I object to being ripped off or looked at as if I fell out of the sky and that’s after they get off their phone. An example s/s 3 way ball valve local supply $450 not in stock, e bay $85 arrived about 4 days later freight free from of course China, perfectly good enoudh quality for the job its going to do on a brewing system. You had better put the battery on a sliding rack so you can tack it !


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